I’m a Mutt with a Pedigree

Hi there!

Who am I to tell you how to do genealogy? Since embarking on my genealogy research a decade ago, I have learned it from the ground up, made the mistakes, the many road trips and developed many methods to speed things along.

I became famous or more accurately, notorious, for being thrown out of libraries so folks can go home, my family rolling their eyes as I embarked on another recitation of our ancestors, and using all the toner in the photo printer.

Of course that all is forgotten with the guaranteed A on the kid’s class projects that need the last four generations of the family.

Along the way, I found it all… Pioneers, soldiers, patriots, bums, sordidness, history and struck genealogy gold–my connections to Daniel Boone and also to the Royal Line in England/Scotland.

So I will tell you what works for me, give you some ideas on arranging your collection of research papers and how to resolve that difficult lineage and more.

Rob Andrews
I’m a Mutt with a Pedigree

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